Lamborghini Super Cars HD Wallpapers

Get Lamborghini Super Cars HD Wallpapers New tab to enjoy HD Lambo car wallpapers. Made for fans of Lamborghini super cars.
LAMBORGHINI SUPER CARS Wallpapers pack including Lamborghini Estoque, Roadster, Veneno, Lamborghini Diablo, Gallardo, Countach, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento etc.
If you love Lamborghini Cars, then in our extension you will definitely find yourself suitable wallpapers.


Why is a Lamborghini car so expensive?

  • The initial design work is far more extensive than most car companies.
  • The aesthetic and mechanical designs must be integrated in a very unique way.
  • The exotic materials used are far more expensive.
  • The processes for manufacturing special materials is far more involved and requires great worker skill.
  • The engines have very critical design features and require considerable testing.
  • The number of cars made is far less than than most other companies so the expense of the design work and testing is a higher percentage of each unit.
  • The customers are usually wealthy individuals that are happy to pay.


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